Fences Installed or Repaired

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5 things to consider when choosing the type of fence

  • How much money have you set aside in your budget?
  • Are you looking for maintainence free? (vinyl fence)
  • Is your land level or is it sloped?
  • What is purpose of the fence? (Privacy, safety for your children or pets)
  • What is your personal preference, what's your style?
  • 1. The fence is built along a slope the erosion of the soil during the spring and winter will shift the posts.

    2. Direct freezing and thawing of winter and spring may lift the fence depending on how much water run off is involved.

    3. A severe wind storm may push over a fence post.

    Fear not you do not have to replace your existing fence, here's what I would do to realign it. I would remove the fence paneling and lift the posts, run a stake line to get a true straight line. Realign the posts and drill a hole 4" above the bottom and slide a 12" section of rear into the hole. Drop a bag of cement to solid and create an anchor, and finally reset the panels along the new fence line.


    Called us immediately. Came out the next day for an estimate. 1 week later job is complete. He did a great job!

    Florence J

    He did an excellent job. Hen came when he said he would come and got thework done to my satisfaction. If I need any oher work done I will certainly contact him.

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