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A chimney should be cleaned regularly depending on how often it is used. If it is used regularly, then it should be cleaned every year. If it is only periodic, like say for a holiday event, every 3 years could be enough.

Your should have your chimney cleaned professionally, because Safety is a top priority with working off the roof to access the top of the chimney. A professional could tell you if other maintenance is needed as well. For example: brick repointing, replacement of the chimney cap, metal flue cap to prevent birds/squirrels from getting into the chimney, and/or need for metal flue liner.

A chimney that is in use needs to be cleaned periodically to prevent a chimney fire. A chimney fire is caused by firewood and debris building up in the flue over time.

Many homeowners don't think the chimney liner ever needs to be replaced. However, sometimes it must be. Some may be damaged by improperly cleaning it with a metal brush rather thatn plastic fiber brush and rods that are safer to use with a metal liner.

When selecting the wood to burn you want to stick with hardwoods that have been seasoned (dried out) rather than cheaper green wood that burns smokey.

The average time to clean a chimney is 1 to 2 hours depending on how much soot is in the chimney and how easy it is to access to cleanout.

  • Inspect the hearth or fireplace
  • Inspect the chimney from the top
  • Use drop cloth to contain the dust
  • Assemble the brush and clean the flue

If you wanted to clean your own chimney. 1st you should inspect the hearth or fireplace to see the condition of the damper/flue. Is it rusting, how is the working condition of the air flow. 2nd inspect the chimney from the top. What does the lining of the flue show what is the conditoin of the metal liner. What is the size of the flue, you need the correct size brush for your flue. 3rd Block off the fireplace with drop cloths to keep the dust from the chimney contained. 4th Assembling the brush and rods at the chimney top and proceed to clean the flue (ceramic or metal liner) 5th Use a shopvac at the fireplace to clean out the debris.

Bill T

Very professional; Walt returned our inquiry in a very timely manner and was able to repair our chimney in a quick turnaround time. I was very happy with the end result. Competitive and fair pricing from my experiences.

Terry S

Walter did a great job at a very fair price. He was able to diagnose my problem as a clogged chimney and worked hard to clean out the blockage. My chimney has never worked this well even after another company supposedly cleaned it just a year ago. I would recommend Walter to anyone that has a chimney that they need cleaned. He was prompt and returned my call when other companies did not.

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